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VoIP – calling through the internet

What does this mean?
This is just a way of talking over the internet instead of the phone network – it can be cheaper and give some nice features (the most well known example of this type of service is Skype). Your eazyTel one|account includes VoIP calling
And for those of you who really want to know, all of these are different terms for calling through the internet,: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol); SIP (Session Initiated Protocol), VoB (Voice over Broadband).

It sounds complicated – how do I use it?
It’s simple - there’s two options:
  1. Download our eazyTel app to your smartphone
  2. Download our eazyTel Windows softphone to your PC or laptop (and plug in a headset)
What’s so great about it?
When you are travelling you can connect over a data network and avoid mobile phone calling charges.
This will give you great savings while in the UK and incredible savings when you’re abroad by cutting your roaming bill.

Where can I use it from?
Any wired or wi-fi broadband connection - your home or office and public wi-fi hot spots at hotels, cafes, airports, train stations etc.