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Support FAQ

One|account FAQ

How do I join?
Click on Join and fill your details – it only takes a minute.
How quickly will I be able to start making calls once I join?
All the rates are shown on the Prices page on the web site. All prices are shown inclusive of VAT. We calculate the cost of a call by adding the Rate to the Surcharge. The Surcharge is dependent upon which of our services your use. We recommend that you choose the service which gives you the facilities you want at the lowest Surcharge.
How do I make a payment?
For a really quick way to pay, simply click on Top-up on the top right of the home page then on the Fast To-up page, enter your email and password and select the amount you want to pay.

We recommend customers chose Auto Top-up as the easiest way to keep your account in credit.
Why was my payment declined?
Please check that you have given us your correct card details.
What is auto top-up?
This is a clever way to make sure you never run out of credit. Once your credit goes below £3 we will automatically collect your next payment from your credit or debit card. You can switch auto top-up on or off at any time (and chose the amount you want to top up by) under the > Card Details menu when you log in to your one|account.
What can I do in my one|account?
You can view and update everything to do with your eazyTel services in your one place:
- Contact details
- Payment details
- View your calls records
- Manage your SIM
- Set up your PIN, speed dial and PINless dialling numbers
- Obtain and change your VoIP log in details
- Set up and manage Magic Numbers
- Register your callback numbers

Are my details secure?
Yes, you connect to our web site through secure, encrypted technology and your details are stored on our databases behind our network firewalls. You can check your details are secure if you see:

- A "padlock" icon in the browser's status bar
- The https:// prefix in the URL