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Callback – cut the cost of travelling

How does it work?
It’s simple – just call our Callback Access Number, we’ll recognise it’s you (without answering the call, so there are no charges) and we’ll automatically call you back. You can then dial the number you want to call.

Who uses it?
It’s great for customers calling from a mobile with low credit, customers who want to pay for their family to call them, customers living in countries where it’s very expensive to make international calls and customers who are travelling (incoming mobile roaming calls are very much cheaper than outgoing roaming calls).

Great eazyTel rates wherever you are!
The cost of the call is calculated by adding together the two eazyTel calls – the Callback call cost plus the destination number you call.

All on your one|account
You can register the number(s) you authorise Callback calls to be made to in your one|account – there’s no need for any PINs. All the calls are billed to your one|account with call details show as for any other call.