A fresh approach to low cost international calling

The soft stuff

eazyTel is a fun, friendly and fair service.

Fun – join in the adventures of Mr and Mrs eazyTel by sending us your videos and photos and we’ll give you £10 for every one we feature.

Friendly – you can email us or talk to one of our friendly customer service agents every day of the week between 8am and 9pm.

Fair – most people making international calls have had bad experiences from their supplier at some time. We work hard to provide fair long-term prices and great quality.

The hard stuff

We’re a service from Microtalk USA Inc, which has been providing telecom services since 2008.

We run our own network, billing systems, R&D team and 24/7 Network Operations Centre.

We are licenced by Ofcom to operate over 40 number ranges in the UK (01, 02, 03, 08, 09) and operate direct interconnects with the major wholesale networks, including BT, Tata and Verizon.

We have offices in the USA, UK in London and in India in Kolkata.

We supply services to tens of thousands of customers talking for millions of minutes each month. Our customers are in the USA, UK, India and Spain.